Pebble Pics

Welcome to Pebble Pics.

When the local pottery class I joined just before the pandemic failed to reopen after lockdown, I was disappointed at the loss of my weekly creative pastime. 

It was October 2020 and whilst walking our Jack Russell along the local beach, in Portsmouth, I picked up a few colourful pebbles that caught my eye and I put them in my pocket.  I had no intention of doing anything particular with them until some time later when I emptied my pocket and started forming little characters with them.  They brought a smile and so with each stroll along the beach I put a few more pebbles in my pocket.  Discovering that perfect little pebble limb or head was, and remains, a weirdly joyous moment.

I started framing the pebble characters and gave them as gifts which were well received and so I continued to assemble the ‘pebble-pics’ when time allowed.  I don’t have any particular theme but I enjoy observing life’s moments and capturing them with pebbles. 

From the walks along the beach to the framing of the final arrangement, it is all absorbingly enjoyable.  I have become far more aware of the beach beneath my feet including the disrespectful rubbish. I am now completely amazed by the enormous array of colourful pebbles and I wonder why I never paid any purposeful attention to this beforehand.  I also wonder about their origins deep beneath the sea before finally rolling up onto the beach…  

I hope you enjoy my gallery.